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  • 25 September

Biker Group The Mystic Riders Set to Roll-Out 90 Days Financial Literacy & Skill Development Ride Across India to Accelerate Last-Mile Inclusion.

A 90 days road campaign that aim to provide hands-on lesion on Skill Development & Financial Literacy, expected to reach 300+ Villages and 500+ academic Institutions covering all states of India.

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Sep 25, 2018 – New Delhi- The Mystic Riders, announced OneIndiaOneRide a 1st of its kind riding event to upskill student and remotes. Starts from New Delhi India Gate on 2nd October 2018, at 07:00AM Indian standard time, the ride will proceed towards Gurgaon before it reaches to Jaipur on same day. Riders are expected to return Delhi after covering the whole country on 31st Dec 2018.

The campaign, designed to spread financial awareness, promote good financial practices specially saving, budgeting, investment along with awareness on various resources and avenues available to manage finance in special focus on digital finance, eventually resulting in informed financial decision and superior approach on control over one’s finances.

Furthermore, the campaign specially focused on schools in helping students on various employability skills and preparation to mitigate the demand and supply under its Interest Based Career Orientation Skill Development Campaign.

Ansh, the lead rider of the ride a professional financial planner, author and corporate trainer, ascertain, that, the group philosophy revolves around “Bringing Positive Social Impact Using Riding as Mode of Communication”. The Group works under a core principle of “This Life is to Help Experience & Express”

Sahil, a co rider, who is a professional adventure rider with 5+ years of riding experience, excited to contribute his part as transforming passion in to social change.

Ridham: The Youngest Indian rider, to ride to all seven motorable extremities of mainland India at the age of 18, informed he has certain academic obligation and will be joining the campaign in mid-way.

The Mystic Riders, invites all to participate in the campaign, with a special appeal to school and colleges. Each school and college can invite riders cum professional trainer for a FREE session in their campus.

Who Can Join: Anyone can join the drive as relay rider from city to city, along with school, colleges, corporate, villages committees who want to take the advantage of Free Learning and hands-on live session from professional trainers.

How to Join: Visit The Mystic Riders Website at WWW.MYSTICRIDER.IN  and click on register, or can directly join via Facebook event by visiting official Facebook page @TheMysticRiders.

About The Mystic Riders:
A Group of difference, founded with an objective to transform passion of riding in to mode of communication in bringing positive social impact. They have been doing many social cause riding since its inception like Food Distribution Ride, Plantation Ride, Free Women riding Training, Skill Development Campaign Ride are a few to name. Taking riding in to next level not just for fun. The group started in the year of 2017 with its two founding members in New Delhi, and spread its wings to other cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, and gradually grown to a 40 members group within a short period of three months. Currently the group consists of 80+ riding members (Male & Female) continuing. The group's philosophy revolves around the theme: “This Life is to Help Experience & Express” with an inviting tagline “See You on the Road”

Media Contact:
WhatsApp: 9069960691
Email: 1nation1ride@gmail.com