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All India Free Female Bike Riding Training & Workshop

-Bikers community across India are more focused towards fun or adventure ride
-There is a lacking in bringing real positive changes in to society through riding as passion
-Shifting the Balance of Power a Psychological Impact
-There are strong societal stereotypes about women riding motorcycles as its sole preserve of men
-Even though women want to be Free & Independent there is a lack of opportunity available for learning & training
-Family or Relatives usually stops women in learning in anticipating the damage of assets
-Most of current models of training many a time put women in uncomfortable situation leads to discontinuing learning which further creates a mental stagnancy
-Coaching to be independent is most important aspect of any empowerment drives
-While it comes to travelling most of the time a women dependent and look for a support
-Riders are well respected and plays major influential role in travel domain which can be shifted and used for social impact too

No one must be left behind:

What We Doing & Done  so far:

-Conducting regular riding workshop and follow-up training sessions for girls at free of cost
-Trained 20+ girls on How to ride a motorcycle in Delhi-NCR
-Around 60+ under training in Delhi NCR
-Every Month a Workshop for Orientation & Technical Training
-5 Days Free Riding Session to each participant in nearby location
-Details Pic, Videos are available on our Facebook/Instagram page @TheMysticRiders

Task Ahead:
-Workshop & Practical on Free Bike Riding Training for Girls (Minimum 5 Girls to be trained in each city)
-To train 1000 girls across country on how to ride a motorcycle, with an objective to bring a major shift in thought process of being Free, Independent and helping in conquering Fears. This will also lead to create a gender balance and acceptance in society.
-During the course of campaign we will also aim to create an awareness amongst all to increase acceptance level on women riding motorcycles and encourage them to ride on their day to day commuting activity.

The 5D pathway to road:


This Life is to Help Experience & Express | See You on the Road…..👌👌