PRESS RELEASE - Need of a Statutory Warning While Riding a Motorcycle On-screen Without Wearing Helmet

Smoking and Drinking are not ok,  But Riding Motorcycle Without Wearing Helmet is Absolutely Fine?  Sign the Petition for  Change (Click Here)

23rd Mar 2020 / — The MysticRider, The 1st Motorcyclist to travel all Indian states & union territories by motorcycle to create awareness on helmet usage, who is also a leading riding consultant in India, has announce its next level awareness program to create a specific law which will further provide impetus to create awareness on helmet usages amongst Indian population.

Ansh – The Mystic Rider, along with two more responsible riders Nilesh Telkar & Ankit Gandhi, inform they are taking this awareness to next level approaching respective Decision Makers & Ministry in Government to create a new law, which should display a Statutory Warning Message On-Screen if any character shown riding a motorcycle without helmet.

Ansh further explain the need of this specific warning messages citing various studies and research papers which already proven that Film , Television or visual advertisements has an impact on human mind. He specifically quoted the cultivation study by George Gerbner, which states people starts believing their reality aligning with the reality portrayed on TV or films.

How to Facilitate this Campaign Further:
The Mystic Rider, mentioned they have created a petition on Change.ORG addressing to Prakash Javadekar (Ministerof Information and Broadcasting) along with Central Board of Film Certification. Through this petition they will be educating general public on the need of it and urge to sign the petition.

Ansh- The Mystic Rider, informed through this press release, we like to inform all media & other social media platform to take this campaign up and create the awareness on significance of helmet use as well as educate people to sign the petition.  He further informed that he has so far travelled around 95000KM all over India covering all 28 States & 9 UTs to create awareness on using helmet amongst people. During his ride he visited around 500+ academic institution addressing students along with asking around 2lakhs people to take an oath to use helmet while riding a motorcycle.

They will also further create more awareness regarding the cause by conducting various survey, studies, delivering session etc across the country in coming months

Media Contact:  9069960691