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 The Mystic Rider
The Mystic Rider
Do you remember your first school trip? No matter how early your mommy have packed all the stuff you need, you still check it; You don’t care how heavy the bag gets, you still add your favourite toys and stuff into it; the excitement and joy drives you so crazy that you barely sleep at night and in the morning your mommy gets so surprised to see you ready before even she wakes up. Isn’t it so amazing, that some memories are so strong which cannot fade up and how these childhood memories can put that million dollar smile on your face again? Just incredible!

It’s been years now, but those feelings remains same; You take outside glance from window, you see the changing shade of sky which appears to be gloomy and more inky and birds rushing to roost, you close your eyes that astonishing earthy scent of wet soil take you back in your childhood again and the child in you is out of control now; And suddenly you decide to take bike trip. Your excitement touches the peak cause, you know exactly where you belong to, you rush and find the keys and get your bike out of the garage and without wasting a single minute you start your journey.

Those breathtaking views and that truly dazzling beauty of nature make you feel like you are riding it in heaven. The view of those perfectly textured tall and slender mountains and hills took your breath away. ahhhhhhhhh……………..feels like wildest madcap dreams from which you never want to wake up.

When those thick and fat raindrops touches your skin it wipe away all the sorrows and worries you have. That rimjhim melody of droplets let you realize extravagant soft classical track of heaven which let you talk to your spiritual self. It’s not just rain it’s the storm inside you which, let you feel the peace when you see the blessing coming from angels in the heaven in the form rain which washes all the negativity and dirt away from faintly greening tree, those slippery roads and your soul and gives you the view lush green landscape. Someone said

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, It’s about learning to ride in the rain.

 The Mystic Rider

Motorcycling in the rain can be both thrilling and adventurous, but it doesn’t matter for you because, you have mastered the skill of riding; that’s why you know when to ride it expeditious and when to slow down. You enjoy the turns and twists of the journey, you are not in hurry to reach destination neither you are craving to get there. You really enjoy the process than output.

The journey takes a new turn when those dense turbulent clouds hugs the grassy narrow slippery paths which turns everything into romantic modern tale where you consider yourself prince who is going to take his princess but not on pale blue unicorn but on the motorcycle.

Raining is about to stop as golden bright sun-rays are touching the surface of earth and when they go through the dewdrops another beautiful miracle rises in the form of rainbow. Riding a bike in rain gives such incredible experience that has power to create an unforgettable memory that occupies the certain part of heart and stay alive permanently. 

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