Befriending the Beast


For a twenty year old who literally eyes and counts Royal Enfield bikes on her way to college and back home, the opportunity to learn how to ride was definitely a desire turn reality. The Mystic Riders surely curated a blessing in the form of a Royal Enfield riding training programme for women.
I took my first lesson on 17th June '18 and was delighted to find myself slowly balancing and riding across the length of the ground. Having heard my friends and cousins discuss the technical nuances of a bike, I was very nervous. Controlling the gears with one foot and the break with the other and to have to take care of the traffic rules on top of that, I was only apprehensive. But all my worries left me as soon as on the second day I found myself boarding and driving away, all as smoothly as a child does with his/her bicycle on a summer holiday. The excitement and enthusiasm was exactly like that of a 10year old. Since then every week I found myself complaining to my mother for having to wait until the next class and then reach for the class before time , to be once again able to conquer the roads.
With the loaded riding gears and a helmet one might not be able to literally feel the breeze through his/her hair but surely to be able to channelise that beast of a bike, on busy roads of Delhi does feel powerful and liberating. And, now I can't wait to own my own toy and go 'dug dug dug' across the deserts & highways and round the mountains, touching landscapes and noting experiences.
- Ojasvini Sondhi