FIRST ISLAND BIKING GROUP The Mystic Riders & Flying Squad (India Book of Records)


1st FIRST ISLAND BIKING GROUP to ride Lakshadweep Island crossing the sea along with bikes for social cause.

The Mystic Riders & Flying Squad India become the 1st Indian main land riding club to ride on Lakshadweep Island between 23rd Nov 2018 to 26th Nov 2018 as part of their All India Nationwide social cause ride under the name of OneIndiaOneRide.

March 14, 2019- Lucknow- The Mystic Ridersrevealed their post Lakshadweep ride details today, the ride is part of their All India ride which is continuing since 2nd Oct 2018 started from New Delhi with three riders. OneIndiaOneRide a 1st of its kind riding event to upskill student and remotes. Starts from New Delhi India.

Ansh, who is leading the ride also member of both the riding club informed, that the plan to ride Lakshadweep was made way ahead the start of ride and schedule were fixed accordingly to fulfill required formalities to visit Lakshadweep. Required After getting all required permits they started exploring the shipping program to ship the bikes, after booking their bikes on ship the team headed to Lakshadweep on MV Lagoon on 18th November and received their bikes on 23rd Nov 2018. The ride was participated by Riding Member Mandeep (The Mystic Riders) & Guided by Nilesh Telkar (Flying Squad India)

The team conducted their ride 23rd & 24th Both days, on 24th Nov 2018 the whole team visited a govt. school to deliver Goal Base Career Planning session which was well appreciated by locals and teachers of the school.

About The Mystic Riders:
A Group of difference, founded with an objective to transform passion of riding in to mode of communication in bringing positive social impact. They have been doing many social cause riding since its inception like Food Distribution Ride, Plantation Ride, Free Women riding Training, Skill Development Campaign Ride are a few to name. Taking riding in to next level not just for fun. The group started in the year of 2017 with its two founding members in New Delhi, and spread its wings to other cities like Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, and gradually grown to a 40 members group within a short period of three months. Currently the group consists of 70+ riding members (Male & Female) continuing. The group's philosophy revolves around the theme: “This Life is to Help Experience & Express” with an inviting tagline “See You on the Road” 

 Media Contact:
WhatsApp: 9069960691